Alcohol how long does it stay in your system?

If you have such a question: “Alcohol how long does it stay in your system?” you’ve come to the right place, here you will find some details. When you drink alcohol, it becomes injected into your blood. The drug leaves your body in several ways. About 10% of the whole amount of alcohol is got out of the body through sweat, urine and breath. The rest of alcohol is decomposed by products via the phenomenon of metabolism in our body. Besides, the rate at that the metabolism of the drug takes place is independent of sex, age, height and weight of a person.

To answer the question “Alcohol how long does it stay in your system?” you should know that the BAC typically increases for sometime after taking the drug. But you can benefit from the following directions to control the increase of BAC in your body:

– Liquor, beer or wine, every drink contains a particular amount of alcohol within it.

– Try to eat food that is rich in proteins when you take the drug owing to the fact that this food slows down the absorption of drug in your body.

– Don’t bolt the alcohol. Sip and delight the flavor and taste when you drink.

– Try to keep far away from drinking and chugging contests.

– Drink alcohol in moderation and as seldom as you can. You can substitute it with water, beverages or juices whenever possible.

– Besides, be active when drinking as you tend to drink not so much when you’re active.

– Consult a medical practitioner in case you have a drug test before the drink intake.

Take into account the information to answer your “Alcohol how long does it stay in your system?” and do all necessary preparations before taking up drug tests.

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