Barbiturate Types and Barbiturates List Symptoms

Barbiturates are also called CNS depressants (short for central nervous system depressants). They are in the same drug class as benzodiazepines, so they can lessen activity in the CNS and create effects spanning the range from anesthesia and sedation.

A barbiturate is prescribed for many reasons, the barbiturates list is very extensive, but typical use is as a surgery anesthesia. This kind is barely ever abused as they cause almost instant unconsciousness. Still other kinds, for example, Phenobarbital, are used in healing different seizure disorders like an anticonvulsant. Besides, other uses of the kind of barbiturate with mephobarbital are treating anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia, as well as delirium tremens.

Barbiturates produce pleasant effects like reduced tension. High doses can cause drowsiness and anesthesia. But use over a long time result in building up a tolerance to this drug and needing higher doses to obtain the same kind of effects. And when this drug is prescribed by a physician, it’s still possible to get addicted. When used in a regular way, your physician may prescribe a much higher dose to help you get the same feelings as a tolerance starts to develop. Though this can cause dependence as well as a physical and psychological addiction to this substance.

Once addicted, a barbiturate user will need the drug to get the same sort of high as obtained before. Though doing this needs more drug. So this is where the situation becomes dangerous, as the higher dose can result in overdosing. Addicts of barbiturate abuse the drug in order to feel a contentedness and calm. Though when “high” on the drug, one will experience various barbiturates list symptoms such as respiratory depression, fever, confusion, low blood pressure, impaired judgment, fatigue as well as sedation.

Barbiturate Reference Table (list of barbiturates)

Chemical Name Brand Name Half Life
Allobarbital n/a n/a
Alphenal n/a n/a
Amobarbital Amytal Short
Aprobarbital Alurate Short
Brallobarbital Vesparax (mixed) No Reference
Butobarbital Soneryl, Butisol Short
Butalbital Fiorinal, Fioricet Medium
Cyclobarbital Phanodorm Medium
Methylphenobarbital Prominal Long
Mephobarbital Mebaral Long
Methohexital Brevital Very Short
Pentobarbital Nembutal Short
Phenobarbital Luminal Long
Secobarbital Seconal Short
Talbutal Lotusate Medium
Thiamylal Surital Very Short
Thiopental Pentothal Very Short

Unfortunately, the substance’s abuse could cause respiratory arrest, which is among primary causes of death. Overdose symptoms are confusion, drowsiness, fatigue, and slurred speech, and may even lead to coma or death.

Stopping barbiturate use is a problematic thing. It is highly recommended to find professional help outside. With the great number and severity of the withdrawal symptoms coupled with these drugs, it’s best to detox and follow special drug treatment programs. Also, when you’re sober, you can take part in various sober living programs in order to help you stop using the drugs.

Barbiturates have a legitimate medical use though they are easy to abuse, thus making them a dangerous substance, particularly when you consider that they are used to euthanize pets.

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