Cocaine Energy Drink Facts

Have you heard about the cocaine energy drink and that the release of it emitted an uproar amid anti druggists? Do you know the opinion of the cocaine energy drink’s inventor? Are you aware of the fact why he named it ‘cocaine’? You should read this article and know some facts that are behind the cocaine energy drink.

As an amateur, when one hears the name cocaine energy drink, he/she is reminded about the cocaine drug. Actually, people tend to believe that the key ingredient of the drink is cocaine. Though Jamie Kirby, the inventor of the cocaine energy drink, promulgates that this name is very funny and people usually smile as they look at this drink.

Also, Kirby alleges the cocaine energy drink is 350% stronger than its opponent red bull. He claims that when you consume the energy drink, you wouldn’t go through the crash and hitters that other energy drinks can produce.

Redux Beverages, a famous company located in Las Vegas is the manufacturer of the cocaine energy drink. The drink is believed to have 280 mg of caffeine as well as is devoid of cocaine. In fact, the drink is regarded as a legal beverage for class A drug containing a high caffeine amount. As caffeine is a broadly accepted item, any cocaine drink with a great caffeine amount should also get an acceptance from the general society.

Though, from an anti-druggist point of view, this cocaine energy drink has obtained huge opposition. They consider that selling cocaine can legalize the use of the cocaine drug. Actually, the resemblance in the names induce boldness in children and encourages them to take the cocaine drug. Kids feel that although the cocaine energy drink is not harmful, the teenagers would link the drink with the other highly harmful cocaine drug and would attempt to legalize the usage of the drug. Thus, anti-druggists are of the belief that the drink naming is a bad idea and the drink is very injurious for the high caffeine amount presented in it.

No matter what the comments and reviews can be, one thing is certain. Naming the cocaine energy drink as cocaine attracts attention of many people and is an excellent marketing tactic. But it not just grabs the attention of the people who see it but also urges everybody to try it at least once and makes his/her own opinion concerning the drink.

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