Contaminating Your Urine Sample with the Help of Bleach

There are numerous ways that people try to contaminate their urine samples with the purpose to cheat a urine drug test. One method, which has been discussed is to contaminate your urine by means of drinking bleach. Actually, this is a major myth, which has no confirmation and evidence. People have tried to drink bleach to change their urine samples though they didn’t succeed.

There are a lot of reasons why consuming bleach doesn’t work to pass a drug test. One can be that it is not as powerful when it gets to the urine. Also, you have to keep in mind that bleach will not stop the metabolites from getting into your urine. Till you fully attenuate yourself with bleach, it will not be that effectual. Actually, you can attenuate yourself with water that is why bleach is not a must. Not just does bleach have constant health effects from drinking but it will not even help.

One more method, which has been circulated is to put bleach in your urine sample after giving it. For roughly 50-60cc urine sample, perfectly use 7-8 drips of the liquid bleach. Also, you can utilize powder bleach though it must be crushed up fine so it isn’t noticed. Besides, roughly a quarter of a teaspoon can do. Some kinds of bleach can result in residue to stay in the urine sample or foam and this can send off red flags.

Truly speaking, bleach is not the best and most efficient means to contaminate your urine sample. In order to consume bleach in order to attempt to cheat your drug test is really stupid. There are many other better methods of cheating your urine drug test and many of them work perfectly. You do not need to put yourself in danger to test negative for the drug use.

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