How long does cocaine stay in your urine?

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant drug that works similarly as alcohol. When taken in a small amount it produces a calm and comfort state, and relaxing of muscles. But larger doses result in a slurring of speech, an altered perception and staggered gait. Very large doses cause a lessening in respirations, coma and even death. In combination alcohol, depressants and cocaine can increase the effects of all them which would take risks.

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How long does cocaine stay in your urine? Well, if you take cocaine once it can stay in your body for different time and in different organs. Also, to answer the question “How long does cocaine stay in your urine?” you need to know that there are various factors, which can affect the figures. These are the quantity and strength you use; how often you take as well as what other drugs are used; your tolerance; plus your sex, health, age, and metabolism.

In fact, the main reason for people not passing drug tests is the underestimating the time that it stays in their bodies.

There is some misinformation when you ask “How long does cocaine stay in your urine?” that is cocaine leaves your body system within 2-3 days. Actually, when this might be true, laboratories do not test for drugs themselves, but they seek the metabolite. In fact, a metabolite is something your body produces while ingesting something, regarding cocaine it’s “benzoylecgonine” that stays around long even when the drug is gone, and up to a month for a regular user. And the drug itself stays in the bloodstream up to 3 days. It stays in the urine for roughly 1- 3 days after a use. Chronic or habitual use can be found in urine for about 12 weeks counting on quantity, frequency, and duration of use.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Well, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time a couple weeks ago, and I got in trouble with the law, now I’m on an ankle bracelet and I get random UA’s I want to be able to pass them without quiting my habbit’s, I’m a habitual smoker and I’m not quit ready to quit. I’ve done other things but not as much as marajuana, I’ve done cocaine a couple of times but if I was to come across it in this time how would I get it out of my system? Same with the marajuana, could you help me?

    • RN says:

      Omniflush works, you can get it at GNC and Vitamin world. It is more expensive at GNC. You have to follow the instructions completely, it blocks all drugs, but only for a few hours. As of now, it still does not show up in urine tests. Some products you buy show up as a blocker, but this still doesn’t. Better yet, quit using. The high is not worth ruining your life!

      • Mom says:

        RN – your name gives the assumption you are a nurse but I sure as hell hope not. If you are, why in the world would you give anyone info on how to pass a drug test? Isnt there enough deaths of teenagers and young adults from drug use?

        • Random says:

          I liked what you said. RN should not have given tips on how to pass the test. this blog seems to be encouraging drug use instead of helping those who clearly need some light shed into their lives. there is so much in life that can be appreciated that they are missing on while letting these drugs take control 🙁

        • J says:

          Did you read his post completely? He isn’t condoning the use. He even told him to quit using. Maybe he is being a real human being instead of being high and mighty and casting judgment upon this guy. The world seems to be full of people that are quick to judge and slow to think. If you are going to note the bad things that come from drug use, why not list the good things that became of it? Pretty much every form of entertainment and every sport has be influenced by drugs. Picaso? Just to name one. So chill out and stop being such a harsh twat.

    • rob says:

      if you have a bracelet on, it’s easier to just take a hiatus. I failed several while under the observation of the state. Not worth the risk.

    • Steve says:

      If you are a daily user of up to a half gram or more, it will take a full 30 days for it to be totally eliminated from your system. However, if you smoke a joint or two and then abstain for a few days it will take about seven days. My advice to you is to smoke less frequently and stop completely if you know you will be tested sooner than later. All required marijuana testing via UA allows up to 20 nanograms to be present. So, if you are tested and you do not exceed 19 nanograms you are considered clean.

  2. admin says:

    Hi! No cleansing is not same as a marijuana. You should use complex cleansing programs, like or any detox kit from Cocaine category

  3. loving_girlfriend says:

    hello, someone close to me has done white (aka cocaine) tonight, and i love how that rhymes. He will have a possible drug test by his probation officer on the 3rd of this comming month. He has come to me, so now i am comming to you. i am hopelessly searching for advice on his chances of passing the drug test and what he can possibly do in any way possible to pass this test? since we are deprived of time, PLEASE get back to me!! I need some help here, and i dont trust half the things ive read off google so far.

    • bettis says:

      I’m on probation as well, and as posted above taking a hiatus is the best option if you don’t want to kick the habit all together, you Def don’t want to screw up, however there is a way to beat a ua, depending if you don’t use the drugs often, I don’t mess around except maybe t times a month even with having random screens, the way I got around it was stop all drug usage 4 or 5 days prior, drink lost of water to number one flush your system (will not work with THC, since it builds it fat cells) and also create your metabolism to quick start in a away, 4 hours prior to taking your test start pounding water like there is no more on earth, prior post above states that a ua may become diluted doing it this way, but the reason for this is because you have no vitamins in you urine once doing this, 1 to 2 hours prior to your test take 2 multi vitamins as well as a couple vitamin C pills or gummies (that’s what I use), also never ever give your first urine to any drug screen, you need to piss atleast 2 times prior and also never give your first bit of stream in the cup, urineate a little i n the toilet first (if on proba,ll&&g_tion they will be watching you, but just explain to them you didn’t want to go and stop because you didn’t want to irinate on your self

    • Steve says:

      Cocaine leaves the bloodstream within 72 hours of ingestion. However, some drug testing facilities test for the metabolic substance in cocaine instead of the drug itself. If this occurs, then, even though the 72 hour period has expired, one could still test positive. My advice is to do whatever it takes to abstain for a 72 to 96 hour use before testing.

  4. admin says:

    Hi! We have a special category for COC cleansing products. Please, visit and choose one which suitable for your friend.

  5. parole says:

    72 hours is the key. quit using is even better. I got busted after using 24 hours prior. Water does not work at all. Dont expect to pass if you have not waited at least 80 hours.

  6. JR says:

    I have been doin blow for a while now and i need to do a piss test on july 8th how can i make shure i pass?

  7. robert williams says:

    i used 1 small line and 3 hits off of a pipe thursday nite! drank water and gatorade for 3 and half days being fri. sat. sun. till 1p/m,/ mon. plus lasix 20mg. peaed alot took test on mon. @ 115p.m. will i be in the clear???? very important to know !!!! can someone tell me something???? plze?? havent touched it since 1996????? thnx r.williams

  8. John williams says:

    My friend did one small line maybe $10 worth he has never used before how long till he pisses clean?

    • admin says:

      Hi! Cocaine may be detectable in urine up to eight days depending on dose and metabolism speed of subject.

      • Dick Harrington says:

        I had the same problem I did coke with my friend and forgot I had an oppointment in 4days and I was starting to freak I have also done pot, alcohol, ruphies, and some other things can you help me?

  9. John williams says:

    Like its probably all cut up with other shitcause we live hawaii. And hes fat so yea

  10. Mike 32 says:

    Hi I am a vegan and I had some lines on Wednesday and Thursday and I just took my test on the Tuesday after will I pass??? I would love to know because I am so scared!

  11. Sverd says:

    I consume cocaine 0.5g last Sunday night @ 5 AM I have a test Friday @ 1:00PM will I be positive? Is a Urine test….Please help

  12. mike says:

    i had some 7 days ago im having a drug test in a week. will it be gone?

  13. mike says:

    bare in mind i never taken it before im 6ft 2 about 14 stone not fat muscle mainly

  14. admin says:

    Hi guys! As i said earlier, we do not have prophets or seers employed. Whether cocaine be detectable or not in your blood, urine, hair or something depends on lot of things and we can not predict anything for sure. You should use home test kits or drinks if you doubt. Or visit your friend doctor. I repeat it’s not a kind of thing which can be detected/100% predicted via Internet.

  15. physician says:

    Here is a list for you to check how long does cocaine and other drugs stay in your system.

  16. Michelle says:

    I was wandering the same as everyone else, but you are right it depends all on the person. Ive taking a test 7 days after and was still positive. And that was with garbage cocaine.

  17. Tony Dinazzo says:

    I believe it is said on a patiend study on the use of cocaine it has been proven that non habitual users for 150 to 300lbs takes 24-72hrs to release out of your system its main outtake is through the pours of your body so the more you sweat the quicker it leaves your system so It can be less than 24hrs depending on the persons active filled day! But 72hrs is the most for non habitual users! For habitual users it can take anywhere from 2-12 weeks depending on daily intake and years of intake! Any more question related to this study please ask!

  18. shawn says:

    hey i did it for a weak not all day but at night hafe gram every night i got a test on the 30 an i way 180 what u think

  19. Antony hunt says:

    I had 1/2 a gram of cocaine two weeks ago and drink six beers a day. I have a hair test coming up very soon. How can I get pass the test?

  20. shawn says:

    a what about me

  21. Mack Keroney says:

    Shawn,go back to school. You are an absolute moron and this is refected in the way you write. Stop the drug use immediately, and get yourself some brain flush. You need to start over.

  22. Jack says:

    I used cocaine twice a week for the past 2-3 months and each time I did it I snorted about 1 gram possibly more, now I have a job interview and possibly a drug test and I’m Curious to know how long will it take before It wont show up on the drug test. I’m a larger male about 300 Lbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi! Cocaine remains detectable in urine up to eight-ten days, depending on metabolism of subject and dose, after last intake. If you were a regular user, cocaine may be detectable in your hair until the sections of hair grown during use are cut or fall out.

      • Inamorato says:

        You stretch your lies longer and longer through this whole thread. You tell people it depends this that and the other thing, and that nothing can be guaranteed.

        Quit trying to hock your nonsensical product through fear. And it doesn’t “flush” your system like you’ve claimed in several posts it dilutes your urine and gives you a window to pass a drug test. Nothing on the market flushes your system

        You would probably sell cocaine on the corner, and the hock your fuckin bullshit products to your users. Quit exploiting drug addicts for your own greed.

        If you want to pass a drug test 9-12 hours before the test take about 10 times the daily dose of multivitamin awith a 12 ounce glass of water. After that drink 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes for 4 hours until the test.

  23. Dallas says:

    I have cronic pain due to a vehicle wreck! I broke my back, neck, every bone in my face, several skull fractures, broken ribs, sholder blade, collar bone, and many more breaks, about 70 breacks and fractures in at one mistake! I go to a pain clinic and all the give me is 4 Roxycodone 15mg a day! So I always run out early! Buying pain pills is more expensive than cocain! I did coc once several years ago! I want the roxy to show! If I use coc in between visits to help make the pain pills last longer, how long would I need to stop before my monthly test! I’m not talkin bout every day or anything, just maybe a couple times each month! I’m 6 foot tall and now since my wreck I’ve gain about 130 pound and now I way about 315 pounds! I was dead the resatatid, air lifted and in a coma for a week! I destroyed 6 virtabray! I had a spinal fixaction! I can walk because I did no spinal cord damage! I live in serious pain and don’t want to use anything but have don’t have much of a life anymore without pain meds! Any info would be great! Thanks!

  24. dick says:

    i have failed a test after 2 weeks of not using

  25. Florida850 says:

    I have quit all drugs for the past few months. I have been focused on physical training and dieting due to my desire to join the Navy. This past Saturday I drunkenly was convinced one line of cocaine would be out of my system in 2 days. I finished all my work and now have an opportunity to go to MEPS this weekend. That would be one solid week from time of the single line. I run, lift weights, drink water, play basketball and diet. I’m 21, male, 6’5 and weigh 255. Aside from the unknown factors, will I have a chance of failure?

  26. Daniel says:

    I was put on B.As per getting out on bond. I am not a habitual anything, but drinking. However last Friday night me and a buddy went out and had some drinks not a lot, maybe 4 beers and 4 shots. When I got home a friend came over and I took 2 lines of Cocaine. (Regrettably) I went to bed around 1-2 A.m on Saturday morning. Saturday Morning when I woke up I had a message that my P.O was going to switch me to ETG testing and drug testing because I blew so High when I was arrested. Between Saturday and Sunday I sat around all day drinking massive amounts of Gatorade and water and took about 11 3500 mg Cranberry pills (I peed about 40 times in 2 days) I took the test on Monday at 7:20. Any Idea of my odds?

  27. Lisa Lisa says:

    Im not blaming no one for my actions but myselfs.. about 2 months ago i consume cocanie and i just had a drug test hair 2 days ago.. well i pass ..please help im anxious and i just hope they call me to start working

  28. Alex S says:

    My friend has rug test urine and hair test to find out if she’s doingdrugs around 19 month ago when she was pregnant and if she still using anything. What can she do to pass the hair test with out cutting it. also for the urine test. she needs to clear oxicotan, cocaine and weed because she’s been using it.
    I heard that they can trace drugs in you hair going back 3 years. Is that true?
    Please reply. Please help.

  29. jndh59 says:

    I use snow white every other weekend does that make me a habitual user?

  30. max says:

    Hi, i am not a regular cocaine user, i actually just tried it four times before. Last i had was last thursday night about 6 lines top and another line on friday night.. i had a urine sample taken to be tested this morning (wednesday morning) will i be clear?? Thank you

  31. Bronson says:

    EsUsing for 25yrs. Been getting tested for last 17yrs. Have failed tests and passed. This is what ive learned. Generally 72 hrs after use, if you drink alot and did a gram or less, you should be ok. What I found is if you double up, like use wed or thurs and friday, the 72hr rule goes out the window. Once I did a half gram on thurs and again on fri, then nothing for 6days. Tested positive. Yet plenty of times a half gram fri night and ok on tues.

  32. madeit22012 says:

    Think about not using that is the key to staying clean! If you don’t use you don’t have to worry about being nervous about passing a drug test.
    I had an episode where I was worried because I took a blast. One more thing I would like to say is every one on this page can stop try to .think about it is going to jail worth it when you could prevent being locked up if you want to get high wait until you are off papers then you can smoke all you want 2!

  33. Jay says:

    Hello uhm yeah I am on probation get tested every now and then been clean of all drugs for over two years but february the beginning of this month I bout an 8 ball and thts 3.5 grams of coke I went thru tht in a week then I bought another last tuesday and finished it friday then saturday I bought another one and done half of it I just did 2 lines at230 am monday morning I am 6 foot 150 punds pretty skinny but I found out I got a drug test thursday to get off probation and they havnt given me a piss test they always gave me a salive test with a cotton ball thing I have to soak,it in my mouth till its soggy do u think it shoul be out by then and how do I fool tht type of test I was told to use listerine right before I go in plz im nervouse as,hell I dont wanna go back im actually done for good after this I just flushed the rest thank you and plz hurry with a response…. Jay

  34. augie says:

    I do not use coke on a daily basis, I did a little saturday night the 18th. that was the first time in roughly a month I havw a drug test thursday. now it is monday, if I drink water, and this herbal tea called palo azul especially palo azul on that day I have hopes of being clean. but I am just trying to get help and peopls two sense. I am a big guy around.230-235 I definitely did less then 1 gram, the stuff was not that great. please let me know if I will be able to pass it, or any help and tips on helping me pass thanks.

  35. mac says:

    What ever you guy’s do , don’t use CARBO . Just found out that I failed a test. Better off not using at all. I was clen for over 13 yrs. and I always felt good about somebody telling me I had to go and give up a urine. I was so confident I would tell them I’ll give you blood or any they would request. The best program out there is a 12 step program. Time for me to go back to it. It doesn’t fail.

  36. mac says:

    It promises you one thing jail, institutions, and death. Spiritual death comes first and then physical.

  37. madeit22012 says:

    I wonder is 25 days enough time to pass a urine test for cocaine can somebody give me an answer?

  38. malcolm says:

    How long does it stay in your system if u touch it. Not use it.

    • admin says:

      Depends on how often you wash your hands if you mean hands. I think you should not “touch” it with your tongue or gums 😉

  39. madeit22012 says:

    If you did thirty or forty dollars worth and you have to pee almost three weeks later r u clean( rock cocaine?

  40. Helpppmee says:

    Okay im 22, 5″1, 128lb female.. I did coke saturday night, id say three lines maybe four, and two days before i did it too, about 3-5 lines… I just got sceduled for a random drug test tomoro/ thursdday afternoon. Its only gunna be about five days clean, i also am nott a frequent user and i just happened to use it like an idiot…. What do you think, im scared???!!

    • admin says:

      Hi! You have a chance to pass a test if it will be a mouth swab. Otherwise probably you will fail. You should use special detox kit depending on test type, please, see categories in left sidebar, but you have too little time. You need at least 2-3 days, to get your order and complete instructions of your detox kit.

  41. Lena says:

    Hi. I did cocaine, about 6 grams total in a week. My last day was Tuesday. I have an interview and possible urine test on Monday. That would make me 6 days clean. I’m 21, weigh 125lbs and I go to the gym and drink a lot of water. Will I pass?

  42. Jacob says:

    I did a 20 on fri at 5 pm haven’t did it in 3 months it’s Monday morning and I’m off to take a drug test…should I b worried?

  43. madeit22012 says:

    With all the reading I have been doing cocaine leaves your system in one to three days its the bi _product benzoylecgnine that stays in your system between three to five days after the cocaine is out of your system and if you are a chronic user it can take longer like ten to twelve days and I have read from different sites and they all say the same thing so I believe it the time allotted for you to be clean is like between two to eight days to be on the safe side that’s my conclusion.

  44. claudia says:

    Hi i wnt know if ur with some one and did cocaine and u didn’t knw and they kissed u does it get in ur system to or wat?????

    • admin says:

      Hi! How much time passed before you kissed? If it was about hour or more i think you have nothing to fear, otherwise – you should check yourself with test.

      • jamajam says:

        Thats bullshit. Kissing someone who did coke is not an issue. This person is just trying to get u out to spend money on a test just fueling the industry. Kissing someone who did coke does not get in you blood stream, urine, etc.

  45. shay says:

    I take a few Rx drugs along w/ pain meds. Went out over weekend had some fun only a little bit. Haven’t done it in years. Forgot had doc appointment in 5 days. Female and bout 155lbs. Though its completely random With the new laws not sure.

  46. Sweets says:

    I did coke twice in a week will it so up on a 5 panel drug 5 days

  47. Vern says:

    Simple, don’t use!

  48. hotmess says:

    i did couple lines this mornin. if i go take a urine test morrow round 2 or 3…wat can i do to pass it? will niacin help?

  49. DJ RODAY says:

    I got a piss test either tommorow, or Sunday. I’m in diversion and they are more leanient than probation. Never the less, I took about $20-25 worth last saturday around 5-6 p.m., and only did so because alot of people I know have taken piss tests and came up clean, while on probabtion, and they did this shit more than I do. It was my first time, but honestly, now I’m kinda worried… I plan on taking it on Sunday giving me exactly a week to have cleaned it out of my system. I’m drinking water right now just to make sure, but have been drinking soda, vitamin water, tampico, milk in cereal, and eating normally. I weigh almost exactly 200 lbs, 5′ 10″. I will report back. I PROMISE. I looked on here and it didn’t really help. I read all the words on this page looking for an answer but didn’t find a definate answer. I’m not trying to encourage this by doing so, but seriously, it was my first time, and I only thought about it because I can’t smoke weed because I know that says in your system for a month no matter what pretty much. If it’s like alchohol which I drank a week before a piss test I will be fine, but if I don’t report back within a week, it will be because I’m in jail. I am healthy, but smoke cigarrettes, and walk around probaly about a few miles each day, and lift heavy things at work sometimes for more info on MY situation. Bye.

  50. Fergalicious says:

    Naw he ain’t pass

  51. Fergalicious says:

    Recently I have done coka-aine yea 😉 … Anyways me being funny. On a serious note. I just did it like 2 hours ago for the first time in months… Gotta a major drug test for the militants.. How long and what do I have until I pass. Please don’t say buy yo product, the test is on 07/12

  52. Fergalicious says:

    Wow drug test ??? ER where.. The person don’t respond anymore.. Guess her detox biz is doing good

  53. Maurine Freed says:

    thanks for the post, please check out my site too.

  54. Marie says:

    I have been clean for a year now and I messed up and had a relapse last sat night. It is wed now and I have to do a random drug test. I did not do very much cocaine and it was just that one night and the stuff I did, did not seem that strong either. I tested myself at home yesterday afternoon with urine I had held inside me for awhile so it was pretty potent. It tested positive. What can I do to clean myself out over the next 24 hours to make sure I pass this test. It is VERY important that I pass. Please help, I don’t want a bad mistake to follow me the rest of my life.

  55. Jay Boylin says:

    Take this advise as it worked for me (also this advise came straight from a Med. Dr.) To pass a urine test for any drug within 24hrs. “next day”, Of your (urine) test. I won’t say how much because I don’t know an exact amount but drink as much water and urinate as many times as you possibly can before the test. Drink it through the night and also the day of the test. He’ll drink water at the testing place. Remember urinate plenty of times to rid yourself of the toxins (at least 3 times before the test also). Now this will only work until you stop drinking the water. After about 2 or 3 gallons your urine should be clear but keep drinking. The toxins will resurface in your urine about 2 hours after you stop drinking water. Everyones different but our bodies work the same. This worked for me and I smoked literally 10 hours before the test. Of course best thing to do is not do anything at least 2to3 days before the test. And for all the misconceptions out there weed doesn’t stay in your system for 30 days. Even for a “healthy” heavy user average is around 10 days.. good luck

  56. Tangy says:

    I Haven’t use cocaine in 45 days I use a half of gram Tuesday afternoon I have a UA at 1:00 today it’s Wednesday. Do I have a chance in passing

  57. Adam says:

    Wednesday night I did a quarter of a gram with my friend I have a drug screen for a job on Monday I’ve have guzzled down as much water and vinegar as I could last 115 hours. I’m very concerned I haven’t done Coke in a little over a month prior

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