Mouth Swab Drug Test Information

Mouth swab drug test is widely used in many countries. The majority amid the users are parents and employers. Employers make use of the mouth swab drug test at the recruitment of employees and to check already working ones. And parents use the drug test to control the habits of their kids.

Mouth Swab Drug Test

In fact, saliva is a main component of the oral fluids that are produced by a person. The mouth swab drug test utilizes saliva to give result. It’s also called the saliva drug test. Undergoing this drug test, you’ll be given a swab – a brush with bristles on it. You’ll be required to put the swab into your mouth and keep it for several minutes. When it’s wet, you’ll be required to take it out. Then the wet swab will be placed in a drug testing kit. It’ll show positive outcomes in case you have taken any drug within the last 3-4 days.

Often, the saliva for the drug test may be got by requiring to spit on the swab/directly on the drug testing kit. It’s also known as spit test.

The mouth swab drug test detects such drugs as cocaine, phencycline, opiates, amphetimines, cannabinoids, and others. As the kit takes in the saliva, the colored control line appears. The lines show a particular type of drug. If it is a multiple drug array, every drug is showed by a different color. In case you were seeking info on how long it takes to pass your mouth swab drug test, you should realize that the whole testing takes several minutes. You would take roughly 10-30 minutes to pass your mouth drug tests.

Also, it is recommended for drug users to utilize drug detox products to pass your mouth swab drug test and even other types of drug testing successfully.

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  1. gomez says:

    how will my son pass a mouth swab test he has been smoking weed the last time is the 10th day of this month he has to take the test in 6 days with kit detox work

  2. carolyn says:

    I am curious does the detox cover up the cannaboids for say a few hours or does it cleanse the body of them?…and could you not smoke for say 3-4 days and do nothing and pass if your a regular smoker?..and last of all is the mouth swab more accurate than the urine test?. thanks

  3. brian h says:

    so basically if a person discontinues smoking, then indulges in a sudden moment of weakness, lets say 1.5 hours before seeing their ward of state, is scared shit less and possibly a little pee shy, is forced to take a swab test, does so then leaves their appointment without incident 20 mins., would it be safe to assume that there was no positive results shown, so no worries….. right, safe and sound, lesson learned, good to go right….. please easy a weak man’s mind.

  4. Daniel Mathews says:

    Here’s the thing. I’ve been using Quick Fix synthetic urine for over 2 years and it has worked EVERY TIME !!!

    • Boobtities says:

      My p.o. watches me while I pee. So I don”t hava a chance to use fake urine or a “Wiz-o-nater”. and now he says I have to do a mouth swab. My buddy who gets mouth swabs said that it”s not that hard to pass one. He was saying he quits for two days and drinks water like a pregnate lady. and he passes every time. I don”t think there should be any instance where a detox kit is plaussable. Unless you”re an avid user of a substance or you don”t have the will power to stop for a day or two. But I’m off to go take my “spit test”… (I wonder if I’ll pass)

  5. kushbaby says:

    I got my tongue pierced but it’s been 6 weeks. I need to pass a swab test and i know peroxide will work. I’ve been popping niacin but i really need to pass. I’m giving myself 3 and a half days of not smoking is peroxide going to hurt my piercing if i gargle with it shortly before the test?

    • J.Comeau says:

      No way, Peroxide is advertised as an oral rinse. I use it as mouth wash, and often brush my teeth with it. It doesn’t hurt, it merely oxidizes everything in your mouth, leaving a fresh clean feeling. It tastes like soda water, but you shouldn’t swallow it.

  6. lisa says:

    I need to know if suboxone shows up on a swab drug test?? Please help

    • admin says:

      Hi! Probably not, except your employer order a specific test. But you should NOT take ANY drugs 2-3 days before test.

    • britt says:

      suboxone will show up in a saliva test but not in urine. i’m on suboxone and take drug tests regularly. my counselor told me that.

  7. katy says:

    Does suboxine show on it?

    • britt says:

      suboxone will show up in saliva test, even if not specifically asked. not urine. admin is half right. if given a urine test they must ask specifically to test for buprenorphine (suboxone)

  8. Julie says:

    I smoked two days ago and I have to take a mouth swab at 8 in the morning, what can i do to pass?

  9. bella says:

    will you pass a mouth swab if you pass a urine test?

    • admin says:

      Mouth and urine are different systems of human body 😉 But yes, urine test usualy gives more precise results than mouth swab.

  10. bella says:

    will you pass a mouth swab for cociane if the last time you used was ten days ago? also it is sent to a lab

  11. Liz says:

    Hi I am possibly going to go thru a oral drug swab and smoked about a month ago and am on pain pills for sever strep throat. what can i do to make sure i pass.

  12. iloveyouJD says:

    I smoked roughly 2 and a half weeks ago and had a drug test for pre employment on monday. All i did was brush my teeth twice. What will my results most likely be? Sooo nervous

    • admin says:

      If three weeks passed from last use, i think you don’t need any special measures to pass a mouth swab. Mouth swab usually detects use in last 12-48 hours.

  13. tammi says:

    has a mouth swab ever shown a false positive? my husband was tested at work it showed positive for meth. something he hasnt done in years also he hasnt done any drugs over the counter or other wise.

    • kaci says:

      no false positives for a mouth swab. your husband has lied to you, sorry hun but those are the facts. he used within a few days of the mouth swab test.

      • Jaymee says:

        That’s bullshit I’ve had a false positive for meth on a mouthswab so I made them do a blood & urine test on me which both came back clean of course. I don’t trust those tests at all

    • britt says:

      yes kaci is right. your husband has obviously lied to you.

  14. harout says:

    i haven’t smoked weed for 115 hours I’ve been brushing my teeth rinsing with mouth wash and hydrogen peroxide will i pass my swab test that is going to a lab ?

  15. red says:

    Hello, I have a mouth swab in three days will i pass if i dont smoke any and rinse with mouthwash? Will I be cool by then?

  16. britt says:

    this admin is very incorrect in his or her information/facts!

  17. nicole says:

    I have not smoked sense x-mas and had to take a saliva drug test yesterday will I pass please help

  18. Tired of probation says:

    I took a suboxin Sunday morning and now I have a mouth swab test Wednesday morning. If I don’t do anymore and keep brushing my teeth and gargle with Listerine will I pass???

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