Something about Turmeric Root

Turmeric belongs to the most famous spices of India that is also known as medicine for home remedy. Most of the turmeric is used as condiment. A small fraction is utilized in dyeing of textile, cosmetics, and medicine (for example, in various drug test kits like the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program).

A turmeric root combines the features of a spice and flavorant, colorant as yellow dye, a cosmetic, a medicine source useful in various diseases.

India and Asian countries use a turmeric root as food adjunct in meat, vegetable, and fish preparations. It not only adds for tasting, flavoring and coloring of the food but also it can preserve the food. Thanks to its medicinal virtues, it prevents various diseases. Turmeric, by means of the aromatic oil essence, flavors foodstuffs, can act as an appetizer.

A turmeric root is also utilized to color liquor, cakes, fruit drinks, as well as table jellies. It’s used to flavor and color butter, margarine, pickles, cheese, mustard as well as other foodstuffs.

Turmeric has been always regarded as significant source of medicine. It’s considered to be anti-oxidant, owing to its phenolic feature of curcuma. It’s considered helpful for cancer patients. Besides, turmeric is a stomachic, tonic, carminative, vermicide, blood purifier, and an antiseptic. When it is consumed with warm milk it can act as expectorant. Used with lime it’s applied to get some relief from pains and sprain. In addition, turmeric is utilized as an inhalation of boiling water and smoked through pipe in order to get some relief from sore congestion and throat.

In small pox, turmeric is used as paste with neem leaves and gingerly oil. The raw rhizome juice is utilized an anti-parasitic for various skin affections. Also, burnt turmeric is utilized as tooth powder in order to relieve certain dental troubles.

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