THC Marijuana Cannabis Dip Strip Drug Urine Test

THC Marijuana Cannabis Dip Strip Drug Urine Test
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The Marijuana drug test urine is based upon the basis of the immunochemical reactions between antibodies and antigens utilized for the analysis of matters in biological fluids. It's reliable, cheap and fast choice like using detox kits. The results of using Marijuana drug test urine are obtained within 3-5 minutes at home. Drug test strips are packaged separately in sterile pouch bags.

Instructions to follow: 1.Urinate into a sterile vessel. 2.Remove a strip from a foil pouch. 3.Dunk the end of the strip into a urine sample for roughly five seconds. 4.Don't stir or swish a sample with a test strip. 5.Take back a strip after five seconds and put it face up on any clean and flat surface. 6.See the results at five minutes. Remember that readings made after five minutes may no more be valid.

Results' interpretation: There are just three possible results for a test strip: Invalid, Negative (passing), and Positive (failing). There are 2 color lines appearing when utilizing a test strip. A 'control line' shows the test's been used correctly; the line is the darkest. A 'test line' shows whether marijuana metabolites are in the sample; the line is not so bright as the control one.

Invalid: A distinct color line must appear for a 'control line' only. The drug test is invalid in case there are no visible color lines.

Negative: 2 color lines: The appearance of 2 color lines after using Marijuana drug test urine shows a negative result for THC. The 2 color bands are rarely the same color, with a single band being less vivid than the other.

Positive: 1 color line: The appearance of 1 color line shows the drug test is positive. This is regarded as a failing marijuana drug screen so would be followed by much more precise testing to corroborate the results.