Adderall Drug Tests: Information to Consider

When stars fail their drug tests, they pay much of attention and often their reputation seems to decrease. The same is with the average person – nobody wants failing his/her drug tests.

That is why with the growth of prescription drug abuse and use, a great number of people are facing a failure in passing their drug test. Someone who takes prescription Adderall can take a typical urine test and get to know that they are positive!

When consuming Adderall, you will appear positive for amphetamines in your test. Informally called speed, it was an extremely popular drug in the 60-70s. Urine drug testing for the presence of amphetamines in a screen is very common, and even regarded as standard. Hair and saliva drug tests will pick up amphetamines as well.

Adderall can be identified in your urine for roughly 2-4 days after drug use, and perhaps longer counting on the amount you take. We carry the effective Adderall drug test that has a normal cutoff level (1,000 ng/mL), which is what’s recommended by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). As soon as 5-10 minutes after usage, Adderall will be positive on your saliva drug test, and it stays within your saliva for about 72 hours.

Keep in mind that Adderall is not tested for on the home hair drug tests we offer.

Ritalin that is similar to Adderall becomes positive on the drug test for Adderall. This is because Ritalin and Adderall are amphetamines. This test is 97% accurate and FDA Approved.

That is why a Adderall drug test is not something you should surprise at as you apply to a position and so forth.

Thus, you should be aware of this and make sure to have your prescription handy.

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