What Is Cellulose in Pills?

If you read the components on a bottle of vitamins and various cleansing programs like the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program, you may see the ingredient “cellulose” and think what is cellulose and what is its purpose. In fact, cellulose isn’t a nutrient or vitamin but it helps to make vitamin pills much easier to swallow and bottle.

Cellulose in vitamins is fiber; it has the same molecule as fiber-containing fruits, whole grains and vegetables have. You won’t digest fiber as you don’t generate the necessary enzyme known as cellulose. Chemically, fiber resembles starch as it is made up of chains of dextrose molecules. As you can’t digest fiber, the dextrose is unapproachable to you and fiber lacks calories.

In case you take vitamins, you are taking only a small quantity of every mineral and vitamin – where calcium is an exception. That is why, to make tiny quantities of vitamins to a pill that is big enough for you to consume it easily, manufacturers use cellulose. The fiber unites all the minerals and vitamins together, and ensures that they are in firm form as opposed to powder or liquid.

While there are a lot of advantages of fiber to people’s digestion – it helps to regulate your digestive tract, unites toxins and cholesterol and helps to keep the blood sugar stable – the cellulose or fiber in vitamins won’t do much for you. In general, you need comparatively large quantities of cellulose every day; women need about 25 grams per day, and men – 38 grams. In comparison with the necessary quantities, vitamin pills give a minimum amount – roughly gram.

For the vitamins that are in liquid form, the main advantage of a pill that is made with great quantities of inactive components like fiber is that it assists in preventing the vitamins from reacting prior to consuming them. Some vitamins such as C and E are very reactive. These vitamins interact with air, and such reaction makes them passive in the body. Pills aid to keep vitamins from any reaction with air, thus making them much more effective when taking them.

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