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If you thought drug tests testing saliva or urine were hard for beating, you are to try avoiding needing to take any job at place drug test hair. Actually they are not as many as using saliva or urine samples for testing whether or not someone takes drugs, but, there are still really enough you could run across it, even in case you are trying to avoid this. Why is it not well when an employer has a desire to drug test your hair? So, while marijuana still is detectable in your urine after one month, it is really possible to detect this in the hair follicles after more than three years (major part of companies request 90 days be a cutoff level). That is why it is the obvious fact that avoiding testing positive in case your employer wants to drug test your hair makes it much harder; it means also that this kind of drug test can be even harsher than actually this drug test ought to be.

Three years is really a long enough period of time you can have been really clean for some years till applying for a new job and you are still able to be turned down. In case you are worried about it, especially in case you smoke marijuana, you are to try to find whether or not the employer plans to test hair. In case your employer does not, you are to spend your time for worrying about the other issues. But, in case you are trying to take a job in casino industry, the chances are very high that the employer will drug test your hair for determining whether you are fit for this job or not.

One point which you are always to consider if it is the case can be that any drug test of hair is not as neat as many other testing forms. Due to this reason, in case the employer wants drug test your hair and you will fail the test, it is always possible this result might be challenged. All the drug tests have some false positives. In case you feel you were actually fired or you denied a job due to a false positive drug test, you are to definitely challenge your results. There are various ways for avoiding testing positive in case your employer wants to drug test your hair. For example, if it is at all possible, the first thing you are to do is to cut your hair short.

You are to know that more hair you will cut off, less chances there are you might test for drugs that you have taken earlier positive. Then, there are many cleansing shampoos you are to use for cleaning out of your hair the toxins. Such shampoos cannot be as effective as methods for beating saliva or urine drug tests, but, they have been proved to work. Just due to the fact that the employer decides on drug testing hair does not mean you are to give up. The ways around any kind of drug test are various, and in case you test positive, the tests are able to be challenged.

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