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Oral fluid or saliva is based drug test that can detect the usage of Marijuana during a certain period. Marijuana saliva testing is growing quite popular due to the convenience that it offers as well as the fact it cannot be adulterated or tampered. On-site marijuana saliva testing is the most effective means for screening users of this drug. It is remarkable that the saliva testing for marijuana is as accurate as the urine testing. This testing is performed by employers for pre-employment, at post-accident purposes, return-to-work testing or reasonable suspicion. Oral fluid testing results found with blood plus it is handy for defining on-the-job marijuana misuse and post-accident applications, because the degree of drug intoxication might be defined based upon the marijuana amount.

Recently, many studies are done on this testing. It offers demerits and merits related to urine in examining the traces of the drug in the sample. Actually, the most attractive feature is the method is simple regarding collecting sample that lessens chances of faking with the test. The easy procedure of the test can make it less intrusive in comparison with other testing procedures. In fact, the sample collection of one's saliva is very simple and safer comparing to blood or urine samples. But the only demand for the saliva collection is a swab that is like a toothbrush, where there is a pad different from bristles. The pad is put between a lower cheek and gum for several minutes, after once saturated it's transferred to a phial and marijuana testing kits are utilized to define the amount of used drug and collaborate to the restrictions. The results come fast as the testing kits provide almost instant results.

Though, the disadvantage of the testing has time limitation. Actually, the detection of drug cannot be concluded unmistakably as the drug residue doesn't remain in the oral fluid as drug subsides during few hours. The reason is being regarded for drug detection in the cases where recent drug use must be examined, including equipment and vehicle drivers and people in workplace and accidents. Research studies prove oral fluid testing is a reliable means of marijuana detection. And the usage of marijuana as well as the marijuana amount intake might be processed by examining saliva. About 30% of US agencies test drug use via saliva.

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