2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Regular)

2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Regular)
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The 2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Regular) gradually cleans your body with 2 daily supplements, so you soon get instant results with effective Vale's Solution detox beverage. The most popular everyday supplement is Vale's Perma Clean designed to better detoxification via nutrition that helps with liver functioning. Vale's Flax Boost makes up Omega-3 plus natural fiber, which help you improve accelerate and digestion excretion of wastes. Combining these products during a couple of months will quicken your body's natural detoxifying process and clean your body faster. When you should be drug screened before completing the 2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program (Regular), you should use Vale's Solution to get fast, trustworthy results when you need. Vale's Fiber Boost is included with the detoxification beverages for excellent results. Actually, with long term cleansing plus fast acting detoxification ready for use, you will get wonderful results.

Use Directions:

For individuals who will not take drug tests during the 2-month detoxification term.

  1. Start the personal program by drinking a Vale's Solution bottle with a Vale's Fiber Boost pack.
  2. Begin the daily supplement regimen by taking four Vale's Perma Clean capsules with water.
  3. After the Vale's Perma Clean finish, drink one more Vale's Solution bottle with the remaining Vale's Fiber Boost pack.
  4. 4.Continue the everyday supplement regimen with a pack of Vale's Flax Boost by taking three capsules each day.

For individuals who will take drug tests during the 2-month detoxification term.

  1. Begin the supplement regimen by using four Vale's Perma Clean capsules with water each day.
  2. When the Vale's Perma Clean supply finish, continue the regimen with three Vale's Flax Boost Daily capsules.
  3. Fiber Boost Capsules and Vale's Solution should be kept for urinalysis testing. 1 or 2 hours before passing test, take Vale's Solution and Fiber Boost Capsules. make sure you urinate several times before your submit a sample.
To Improve Results:

Keep away from any unwanted substance when on this program. The body won't be cleaned of drugs in case they're reintroduced at the cleansing procedure. Drink much of water daily as a well-hydrated body will remove drug related toxins and metabolic wastes more effectively.