2 Step THC/Marijuana Detox Program for Persons over 200 LBS

2 Step THC/Marijuana Detox Program for Persons over 200 LBS
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Two Stage Marijuana Detoxification Kit comprises of a 20oz. bottle of the QCarbo Plus and Super Boost Tabs, 1 bottle of the QPretox Master Concentrated Capsules (100ct), and 1 THC-Marijuana test device.

Directions to follow:

The product set lets you prepare for urine drug screening beginning 25 days before the test. The QPretox Capsules must be used on an everyday basic when refraining from drug use. The beverage must be used on the test day as a quick acting flush.

Marijuana Detox Program for people over 200 LBS:

1 Step. Take 2 QPretox capsules and water twice every day in preparation for the test.

2 Step. On the test day, two hours before testing, drink twenty ounces of water.

3 Step. Wait twenty minutes and drink the whole bottle of the QCarboPlus with four Super Boost Tabs.

4 Step. Refill the empty bottle with water, wait twenty more minutes, and then drink again.

5 Step. Urinate twice and utilize the self-test kit to check your results.

Tips to follow:

- Don't eat any large dishes before utilizing the product.
- Urinate often. This is a significant step in cleansing.
- Drink a lot of water in days before the emergency flush.
- Avoid unwanted toxins for forty eight hours before the time you want to be clean.
- Outcomes of the quick flush beverage are momentary that last up to five hours. Manage the time accordingly.

Warning: Consult the doctor before utilizing the product when you are breast feeding or pregnant.