5 Panel Home Urine Test Kit

5 Panel Home Urine Test Kit
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These home urine test kits are one of the very reliable devices to verify your urine for such most typical Drugs of Abuse like THC, Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines as well as Methamphetamines. The products accuracy is specially made to meet the Federal Drugs of the abuse screening levels.

Directions for using the detox kits :

  1. Urinate into a clean container.
  2. Extract the test cartridge out of the foil pouch.
  3. Utilize the dropper to drip 6-8 urine drops into a sample slot. Don't add more than eight drops.
  4. In five minutes the test outcomes are ready.

There are three results possible of using home urine test kits:
Passing (negative):
2 red lines in the Test zone and the Control zone. Even though these lines are faint, it's still regarded to be passing.
In fact, a negative result shows that the drug levels are lower the cut-off level.
Failing (positive):
1 red line in the Control zone, and not in the Test one. A positive result shows that the drug level is located at the cut-off level/above it.

Invalid: No lines or 1 line in the Test zone, and not in the Control one. An invalid outcome may occur due to improper testing procedure and kit deterioration. Repeat using home urine test kits.
The cut-off levels:
Amphetamines - 1000 ng/ml
Cocaine - 300 ng/ml
Marijuana (THC) - 50 ng/ml
Methamphetamines - 500 ng/ml
Opiates/Morphine - 2000 ng/ml