Home Hair Test Kit

Home Hair Test Kit
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Get quick results using Home Hair Test Kit for drug presence. The Home Hair Test Kit comes with everything that you need to prep a sample to test the hair in a certified lab.
Test yourself prior to submitting the hair to official testing
Confidential and discreet
Easy to utilize like detox kits

The kit includes:
Specimen bag
Hair follicular test specimen pouch
Self-addressed envelope
Chain of a custody form

Additional things:
Hair clip

Just cut a small hair sample, complete the involved paper work, and then send to the lab using a self-addressed envelope. Lab turn around time is about two days after receiving the sample and outcomes can be given over the telephone. In case you consider privacy, forms may be completed utilizing unidentified names like John Brown or Ann Carry, keeping the test completely confidential.

Hair testing utilizes 1- 2 inches of hair, presenting about three months growth. It is typically accepted that to test positive, the drug under consideration must have been utilized three times and more within the test window. When a drug is utilized, it takes roughly from 7 to 10 days for the hair with the drug to grow from the scalp to be cut. Thus, the hair test won't include drugs utilized in the week before the test. The drug stays in the hair and grows out the same as "dark roots" and hair dye. Eventually the hair with the drug will be cut off with usual haircuts.