Single-Panel Opiate (HER, MOR) Home Urine Test Kit

Single-Panel Opiate (HER, MOR) Home Urine Test Kit
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The home drug test kits are designed for the person that wants to test his/her toxin level at home. It tests at the levels as laboratory urine drug tests. Urine drug test passing is of 98% accuracy, so you can test your system for toxins without any hesitation.

Urine Drug Test Passing:


  1. Open foil pouch. Remove the drug testing device and sample dropper. Put a drug-testing device on a plain surface. (Don't open pouch until you're ready to start the drug-testing process).
  2. Urinate in any clean container.
  3. Holding a dropper vertically, carefully distribute 4 urine drops into a sample well.
  4. Wait five minutes and read the results. Observe two color lines: the Test Line and the Control Line.

Positive: The "C" (control line) is the only line appearing.

Negative: The "C" (control line) and the "T" (test line) appear. The "T" may be a slighter color than the "C" but is regarded as a negative result.

Invalid: The drug test failed when there is no visible line after five minutes.