Single-Panel Oxycodone Home Urine Test Kit

Single-Panel Oxycodone Home Urine Test Kit
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Single-panel home drug test kits are perfect tools for people wanting reliable and discrete drug testing in the convenience of their own home. These kits are of various types, for example, a home urine test kit. The home urine test kit is available for cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates, ecstasy, and oxycodone. More exact than dip strip test devices, you can utilize the panel tests if you wish to get the most trustworthy results accessible in at-home testing.


  1. Give a sample by means of urinating into a container.
  2. Delete a test cartridge from a foil pouch.
  3. Utilize the given dropper to place two urine drops into a sample well.
  4. Explain the test outcomes at 3-5 minutes.

Results' interpretation:

There are 3 possible results for a test cartridge:

Positive results (failing):

A pink color band in the Control Zone only. Positive outcomes show that drug levels are above or at the cut-off level.

Negative results (passing):

Two pink color bands. One in the Control Zone plus one in the Test Zone. Negative outcomes show drug levels are below the cut-off level.

Invalid results:

No pink color band in the Control Zone. Invalid outcomes may be because of incorrect testing procedure and the kit deterioration. Repeat utilizing a new test.