Single-Panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit

Single-Panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit
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The home drug test kits are what people need to pass trustworthy drug testing at home. The single panel kits are obtainable for marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, ecstasy, and oxycodone. These test kits measure at drug screening levels that are set by the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration):

Cocaine 300 ng/ml

Ecstasy: 500 ng/ml

Methamphetamine: 500 ng/ml

Marijuana 50 ng/ml

Oxycodone: 100 ng/ml

Opiates: 2000 ng/ml

Follow the marijuana urine test kit directions:

  1. Open a foil pouch by means of tearing along the "notch". Delete a testing device and a sample dropper. Put a drug-testing device on a horizontal surface.
  2. Urinate in a dry cup.
  3. Holding a dropper vertically, dispense four urine drops into a sample well.
  4. Wait five minutes before interpreting the outcomes. Observe the 2 color lines: the Control Zone, and the Test Zone.

The results of using the marijuana urine test kit:

Positive results: The control line appears.

Negative results: The both lines appear.

Invalid results: The drug test is regarded invalid in case the control line is absent after 5 minutes. The test failed, or the testing process was not followed correctly. Check the drug test process and repeat the test.