Total Critical Cleaning Package

Total Critical Cleaning Package
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In current job market, a drug test can be an inconceivable intrusion. Pre-employment random drug tests and drug-screens can come at short notice and you will never know what kind of test you'll be presented with. That makes you prepare for each contingency.

The Total Critical Cleaning Package is a quick acting product set made to cover any test kind on short notice. Hair, saliva, and urine are covered in the set with Perma Clean giving advantageous effects for blood too. A 5-panel testing kit is in this package, letting you test urine for any drugs of abuse.

Kit Items comprise of:

Blood: 1 Perma Clean

The popular dietary supplement made to assist to remove drug metabolites out of the blood by means of improving the liver function; Perma Clean is a 15-day program. When you may lack time to complete the bottle, as faced with the opportunity of doing nothing for the blood or beginning a much longer program, it is recommended to error on the caution side.

Urine: 1 Super Quick Caps

The quick acting Urine Detox Solution dramatically improving urinalysis outcomes for a short time. Highly effective, the product has perfect client feed back.

Saliva: 1 Ultra Wash

An immediate saliva mask effective for roughly 15-30 minutes after usage. Used properly, the product can signify the difference between prolonged unemployment or gainful employment.

Hair: 2 Zydot Ultra Clean

The popular shampoo made to remove chemical residue out of your hair. Use it to lessen the appearance of illicit drugs or prescription. People having a heavy use history or longer hair need at least two packs for excellent results. Those having short hair simply take advantage of the extra efficacy of utilizing the shampoo consecutively. When the effects of the shampoo don't wear off, the hair will go on growing, making the outcomes temporary. Make sure to employ it on the very day you will be tested.

Self-Test: 1 5 Panel Home Test Kit

The multi parameter test kit can screens urine for cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, THC, and opiates at the standard drugs of abuse screen levels.