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Do you want to know the way how to pass your saliva drug test successfully? Saliva drug or Oral fluid drug testing is short-range travel back. The way to pass this test successfully - not use drugs, at about 3-4 days till the testing. But in case it is unexpected random or a post-accidental drug test, your single protection is being equipped. Saliva testing generally is used by the Insurance companies to detect presence of Nicotine or any other drug in the chemicals of your mouth. Having our Detox Additives in the pocket, you will be able to avoid problems with oral fluid testing. These products will negate any chemicals of saliva from test registering within ten minutes. Our products are really effective with Urine drug testing in addition to Saliva drug testing. The directions can be slightly different depending upon which test type is being administered. Our detox products are safe and undetectable.

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